Fool (fool_of_dreams) wrote in life_sux_badly,


I'm sorry. i fought on the community and it's agianst the rules. I guess i kinda blew up. Just asking for another chance is all.

*sigh* i hate people here. Why do people in this life have to suck so much? Everyone is a Hypocrite. No one gives a shit about emotions. it's all blamed on hormones, PMS, being young, overly emotional, dramatic. Why can't it just be "Oh i see. Yeah. I understand that does suck sometimes." Or "Wow. It must suck being you" But my favorite excuse for banning emotions. "Other people have it worse than you do!" I KNOW THAT! duh! i'm not a complete screwup. I know that. Probably better than you do. But hey. WE all hate life at one point or another and al of us want to be in someone else's shoes. Somewhere in our lives our mind says "Life sucks" and if you are saying no to that. Then you are a HUGE liar! Because EVERYONE thinks it at least once.

Sorry but i'm really wanting to move to like.... Denmark. Int he country side. Somewhere far far from people. Well that's all for today i guess.

Once again i apologize for fighting. I'll try to not let it happen again.
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